LETTING Good Happen & ENJOYING the Journey!
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ALLOWING: What is it and why do it?

Excerpt from Allowing YOUR Success! (c) (p) 2009-14 Terez/Allowing YOUR Success & BEYOND! Media, Inc.  All rights reserved

From MAKING it happen to LETTING it happen!

Allowing: an evolution revolution!

Welcome to the beginning of an ongoing journey that has the potential to transport your heart, mind and life into a higher level of satisfaction and joy than you have ever touched before!

By opening this book and reading these words, you have taken a powerful step toward rediscovering what you have always known in your heart-of-hearts: You were born to THRIVE, you came to PLAY and WIN, and most of all, you came to fully ENJOY the journey of your life!  Rather than success being that elusive thing that only happens when the planets align or after you have proved yourself sufficiently, you have stepped upon a path of your OWN making where success can be a part of EVERY step you take, EVERY experience you choose and EVERY day of your life!

What if you could achieve REAL success in ALL areas of your life through "letting" it happen rather than "making" it happen?
What if acquiring what you truly want could feel more like a FUN adventure—such as hiking through beautiful terrain or taking a road trip on a scenic highway—on the way to your destination? What if the more joy, peace and freedom you feel NOW actually ACCELERATED the having and experiencing of all your deepest heart’s desires?

There was a time I would have simply dismissed this as mere whimsy or wishful thinking. But after encountering the work of Abraham-Hicks (www.Abraham-Hicks.com)
, hearing stories from real people and seeing proof of this phenomenon in action while examining my OWN life, I discovered this was not only possible, but the surest, most joy-filled, fun and FASTEST way to TRUE success!

For years, like most "human runnings",
I felt I had to work hard and sacrifice to have success in any area of my life. I was extremely driven and proud of being a do-er, the person who would do whatever was necessary to get the job done and come hell or high water, make it happen. The problem was that hell AND high water usually DID come, and I faced the classic ten miles uphill, barefoot in the snow ego-glory story that is still held in such high esteem by many cultures world-wide.

Even though I did eventually get some version of whatever it was that I wanted, I was so bloody and bruised by the time I summited the mountain that my celebration time was short and fleeting at best. Then, after a few seconds of a feeble-sounding “Yaaaay! I did it!” followed by a collapse in some form or another, I was now looking up at the next mountain – which was twice as tall and laden with more layers of hell AND high water! Sound familiar?

After repeating this pattern 10,000 times too many, I decided there HAD to be another way that could include:

  • more HAPPINESS!
  • the Excitement and challenge I liked, but without the HHW (Hell and High Water)!
  • the FEELING of joy, success and freedom that I was hoping to get some day - TODAY AND NOW.

As I put forth this inquiry, I got my answer in one beautiful word:


What is Allowing?

Simply put, “allowing” is our ability to receive what we want or the ability to LET GOOD HAPPEN.

It is the key that determines the difference between forever wanting and missing verses BEING, DOING or HAVING. It is the part of the equation that makes life feel more like the fun adventure or treasure hunt it is SUPPOSED to be, rather than the struggle or arduous climb (
HHW) that so many of us have experienced. It is feeling the FEELING that we think that our goal, dream or experience will give us eventually NOWand then still getting all of the cool stuff and experiences we REALLY want at the IDEAL time! It is acting from inspiration rather than out of obligation. It is aligning, harmonizing and getting in sync with our visions, therefore enjoying every sweet, spectacular mile of the journey!

In other words, allowing is what it feels like when we are fully alive and in love with life.

How do you Allow?

There are two ways to allow:

1.     Feel Good and Enjoy the Journey

2.     Expand/Upgrade Beliefs (Believing it IS Possible and can be TRUE for YOU)

As you can imagine, feeling good is certainly the easiest (and most fun!) side of the coin to embrace, so I have dedicated Section IV to techniques I have successfully used and tested which can help you to develop what I call a good "REP:" Repeating Emotional Pattern (more about REP in Section III, Chapter 1 - The Law of Attraction and BEYOND).

Because expanding/changing beliefs is such an uber
-powerful way to allow, Sections III and IV of the book are also chock-full of insights and ideas to help you along in your journey of upgrading beliefs. I have also included a super-duper tool for changing/upgrading beliefs in Section IV, Chapter 8, and a special challenge to aid YOU in discovering your OWN allowing evidence (also in section IV. Chapter 9). This will give your logical mind food for thought and proof that allowing success IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE - and infinitely more fabulous, efficient and rewarding than HHW!

...AH, but when you COMBINE the two keys for Allowing Success:

Feel Good and Enjoy the Journey + Expand/Upgrade Beliefs (Believing it IS Possible and can be TRUE for YOU)

This is the stuff that quick manifestation and REALIZED DREAMS are made of!!!

So if you are truly ready to walk the road less traveled and unlock the magic that is your life, prepare to open your heart and mind to welcome a whole new way of living!

One word of caution...

Just as Dorothy would be forever changed after her Technicolor
® trip to OZ and Harry Potter would never again be a "muggle" after discovering his true magical nature, there is no turning back. Once you experience the exhilaration of a life of ever-expanding allowing, you will have very little tolerance for the world of black and white. You will raise your standards so much that you will be keenly aware the very moment you begin to push against the flow of life. Resisting will indeed feel far more intense than ever before, BUT the wonderful gift in this is that any time you approach the crossroads, you will always know which way leads to the Emerald City/Hogwarts and which points toward HHW.  You will never again unknowingly wander into a life of limitation and lack. You will have the power to live the life you have imagined on multiple levels and feel the kind of bliss and connection that IS your birthright, and in so doing, be a true inspiration to others and a real agent of global transformation!

What about the others—my partner, my family, my co-workers, people in general?

Because conscious allowing is contrary to what many (and I dare say most) people feel and do, you may find yourself feeling like the proverbial salmon at times. The upshot here is as you stand your ground and keep your joy and well-being as your top priority, your joyful countenance will actually inspire the right connections with the right people at the right time, elicit more positive thoughts, feelings and actions from those around you, and draw an ever-increasing number of like-minded people TO you!  In short, unless you ignore your guidance and continue to force a connection that feels dissonant, difficult realtionships will become the exception, while rewarding, stimulating and harmonious relationships become the RULE.

The Bottom Line on Allowing: Do I wake up one day and allow everything all the time?

The short answer:

As long as you remain conscious of your thoughts, feelings and intentions, and consistently choose what feels good at any given moment, it is certainly possible to live 'in the zone' virtually all of the time every day!

On the other hand…

Because humans develop a few non-allowing habits over the stretch of our lives—like comparing ourselves to others, focusing on things we don't like, or re-living
and analyzing that unpleasant experience we had 5,000 times—the speed at which you allow something into your life is directly related to the amount of resistance you currently hold on that particular topic. Just like Einstein would say, it's all relative. The things you believe ARE possible for you that you generally feel neutral or good about tend to show up quickly.  In contrast, intentions that don't yet feel real to you or that activate more of the absense of said thing can keep you apart from your desired intention indefinitely.

Take heart, however: The more you play with the tools in this book, upgrade your beliefs and make feeling BETTER your M.O., your good days will increase, your down moments will decrease, and your bling, soul mate, cash flow, fab bod, hot rod and Divine appointments will begin to materialize before your eyes and BLOW YOUR MIND as you get more and more into the groove, baby!!

So, are you ready to step into Technicolor® and discover YOUR magic?




Copyright (c) 2011 TEREZ HARTMANN. All Rights Reserved.