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Allowing Quiz

Here's a fun quiz to best gauge your natural tenancies for ALLOWING Success.  For the most accurate results, do choose the item that feels the MOST like what you would do.  Remember that this is simply a tool and a very small ‘snapshot’ of how you approach life, so for best results, take this little quiz with an open mind and an allowing spirit!  Go ahead and play with any ideas/suggestions that feel good and make sense for you, and feel free to throw out what doesn’t jive for you.  You and you alone are the best teacher of YOU, so only you know what applies to you and your life!  Enjoy!

1-When contemplating an important decision, I most listen to
a) what the experts in that area/field have or would do in my situation
b) what my friends and family recommend doing
c) my inner guidance and “gut”
d) a combination of c and either a or b

2-When preparing to do something that I am dreading I:
a) suck it up and force myself to do it, often whining about it in my head or to others
b) remind myself of the consequences if I don't do it in an effort to motivate myself
c) either decide to find a way to feel better about doing it or decide that now is not the time
d) put it off as long as possible

3-When it comes to being happy in a relationship, what I need/want is:

a) a partner who does what I want/like and focuses on making me happy, otherwise he/she would be selfish!
b) a partner who either tells me how wonderful I am and/or constantly challenges me
c) a great relationship with myself, letting myself do whatever feels best for me while being with a partner who knows who he/she is and does what feels best for him/her
d) a combination of c and b

4-When faced with a problem my approach is:
a) talk about the problem in detail including when & where it started and determine who is at fault
b) jump right into action to try to fix the problem ASAP
c) take a moment to get clear about what I really want and what a solution could look like, then think about that and how good it would feel
d) take a minute (or a few) to quiet my mind first before taking any action

5-When facing any kind of health or well-being challenges I:
a) get mad at myself for letting myself get sick then seek out the best possible drug, therapy, surgery, etc. until it gets fixed
b) talk to other people I know with the same problem about their experiences and what has helped them
c) recognize that this is simply an opportunity to focus a diferent way and appreciate my intelligent body for guiding me back to well-being
d) just be kind to myself, take whatever medicine/steps feel logical and simply relax into (rather than “resist”) whatever I'm experiencing

6-I define success by:
a) the standard in my industry or what TV, magazines, the web, etc. deem to be symbolic of success (reaching a certain position/status or income level, being well-known, having an attractive partner, etc.)
b) my family/friends/peers being proud of me
c) enjoying my life and liking who I am
d) a combination of c and either a or b

7-For me to feel good about life in general, I wish other people would:
a) just be decent and do what everyone knows is right, otherwise this world will never get fixed
b) be nicer, more respectful and more appreciative of me
c) be who they are.  As long as I do what feels good & right to me, it doesn't matter what other people do
d) keep their noses out of my business!

8-When achieving a goal/intention it is important for:
a) the exact timing, people and every detail to go according to plan
b) to do whatever it takes to make it happen - no matter what!
c) to remember what is at the heart of the goal (why I want it), follow inspired action and let it happen in the best timing
d) be proactive, doing whatever makes the most sense at the time, but if it gets to feeling like things are “uphill in the snow”, go a different direction

9-When something unpleasant & “unexpected” shows up in my life I:
a) blame it on someone/something, because I would never have chosen THAT!
b) chalk it up to life just being unfair sometimes
c) when I'm ready, actually find a way to say “thank you” for it, because I know that something that no longer serves me is falling away or that this this “set-back” may actually be moving me closer to what I want
d) know that everything that shows up in my life is something I wanted, needed or invited for some reason, and use it to help me get clearer and focus more on what I want

10-At the end of my life's journey what really matters to me is:
a) what I accomplished
b) that I was loved & respected by the people I think are important
c) that I had the time of my life!
d) that I let myself really experience and share love
e) a & b
f) c & d
g) all of the above

Key for questions 1-9:


Your natural tendency is enjoy the journey and you follow the flow of joy & your own inner guidance overall.  If you meet with resistance, you move through it quickly and get back in the flow in no time.  Your main focus is expanding your allowing abilities into all subjects, letting yourself allow on a larger and larger scale and just staying in the groove!

Your Allowing Success Prescription:
You're already doing a great job! My only advice is to maintain a regular practice of things that keep the good Mojo flowing and choose things that are in alignment with enjoying the journey! What I recommend is:

Overall you also tend toward allowing your success, and are really good at shifting into neutral.  You may not be blissed out 24/7, but overall enjoy your life and know that all is well.  Like the Awesomely Awesome Allower, if something rocks your boat, you find your way back to smooth sailing soon enough.  Your main focus is striking a balance between your current belief system and moving toward more of an allowing flow, but overall you know what Allowing IS and feels like and just want to be more consistent.

Your Allowing Success Prescription:
Consistency and consciousness is KEY for you, so anything that helps you to stay focused on appreciation and quieting your mind as needed is a great way to go.  I recommend:

Mostly b's: Potential Awesome Allower!
There's an Awesome Allower just waiting to run with you!  If you'd like to allow more of the good stuff, they key is first to embrace the idea that the most important person to please if your SELF.  Selfish, you say?  Here's the deal – when you follow the flow of what feels best for YOU and act out of love rather than obligation, your power to inspire and truly help others goes through the roof!  “Giving” of your time/life etc. out of guilt actually takes far more than it gives.  As much as you may love & trust others, if you always look to other people to make you feel good about yourself, your ability to allow and feel good will always be subject to their moods and actions.   This approach never leads to freedom and your ability to allow will always be based on whether or not the ones you deem important “approve” – yikes!   Want to be a great giver AND be able to ALLOW your Success?  Here are a few ideas:

Your Allowing Success Prescription:
Pump up the volume on self-love, catch yourself in the act of fabulousness and cultivate a consistent practice that helps you build a solid foundation of personal power and getting ‘in tune’ with your INNER guidance.  Choose and one or more of these:

Mosty a's: LOTS of Allowing Potential!
Before I go any further, it is important to note that, as with ANY Allower, it is extremely important to do what feels right and best to you.  If what you have been doing is working for you and you do mostly enjoy your journey, don’t change a thing! If, however you feel you’d like to align with some or any area of success without suffering or enduring quite so much and start calling more of the ‘shots’ in your life, rather than feeling like a victim, here’s a challenge for you:

Your Allowing Success Prescription:
Start with baby steps, my friend!

Key for question 10

How open to allowing success are you?

If you answered:
c, d, f or g
You are the MOST open to allowing success!

If you answered:
a, b or e
Allowing is a very different approach to success for you, but you may be open to Allowing Success, at least in certain areas.  Just take it slow and stay in integrity with yourself and what works for you.




Copyright (c) 2011 TEREZ HARTMANN. All Rights Reserved.